Like many people I used to love building LEGO as a child. But as I grew older, I discovered other things to do and I stopped for a while.

We Adult Fans of LEGO (or AFOLs) as we affectionately call ourselves will sometimes refer to “The Dark Ages”, our time when we didn’t touch LEGO at all, and then there’s something that makes us come back in adulthood.

I don’t have any memories of playing with LEGO with Tarik. We have been friends since the start of secondary school and went through university together but then he moved away to Turkey.

When we discovered that we both play with (our kids)  LEGO, and I was just starting out the business of Beyond Blocks, we thought it would be a good idea to get together every week and chat while building LEGO and doing trivia and so the Beyond Blocks youtube channel was born.

We would meet up online every week, with some prepared trivia around the model we were building and would build and chat, then would put these out every week. We were hilarious (well we thought so anyway…) and we had dreams of multiple millions of followers and pay cheques coming in from LEGO and Youtube but it never really happened.

What we did find though, was that by meeting up every week and building LEGO models together, we just rekindled a long distance friendship. We would laugh and joke and catch up on old times.

The LEGO building and filming gave us a context and an excuse to talk.

Even now, these episodes have been watched a really small number of times, and most of those views are either me or Tarik. But I love those shows, because they are us at our raw best. We kinda forget that we’re meant to be talking to an audience, and actually you see two great pals just talking and enjoying each other.

So when LEGO asked for stories of when LEGO brought friends closer together I had to apply. I told our story and was picked to come and film our story for the LEGO global Instagram feed. Check it out!


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