Are you looking for an innovative way to engage your pupils with computer programming, maths and science across the curriculum? 

Are you looking for a way to engage a staff team or encourage communication between children? 

Do you want to train your staff to confidently use LEGO kits that your school has purchased?

Let me help your school  with any of these issues and more. I come in and work with your teaching team to design and deliver classes that compliment your lessons and enhance them with cross-curricular links to programming and science via LEGO.

I run a range of primary school age LEGO workshops suitable from children in years 3-6.


Robotics workshops

In our robotics workshops, students will design, build and modify LEGO models enhanced with motors and sensors, which they will program to complete challenges. Our hands-on workshops are designed to enable students to discover Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through problem-solving activities. 

The challenges set are designed to be solved in small groups and we promote collaboration and teamwork.


Lego Robotics has been a fantastic addition to all aspects of our curriculum, making links across multiple subjects. Every session has been engaging and exciting, with children participating enthusiastically and learning through play.

They have shown collaborative skills, overcoming challenges and improving their products through trial and error. We have seen their reasoning skills develop, as well as the use of relevant terminology in their conversations around the project, such as “aerodynamic” or “interactive” design.

Andy is great at getting the children interested from the first moment and runs the sessions in a fun and approachable way, ensuring that all students gain something from the process.

Sue Hawker, Headmistress, Lime Tree Primary school, Surbiton

Robotics in the Curriculum 

I work with your school team to bring LEGO and LEGO Education activities into your school in lessons. 

We look through your schemes of work and decide which classes could be enhanced with the addition of LEGO activities and then arrange for me to come in and teach alongside your teaching staff in special LEGO sessions, which are aligned to your curriculum aims.


School clubs

I’ve run LEGO robotics clubs since 2015. My aim is to develop creativity, design skills and computational thinking in a fun and social context.

Sessions are based around solving problems by creating solutions from LEGO. Students build models using LEGO kits with motors and sensors. They then program their models to carry out the specific tasks, developing their coding skills while learning about logic, loops, switches and more.

By the end of each session, students will have built and programmed a fully functioning model and learned cutting edge skills and by the end of a term, will have built a full suite of models.

Partnering with schools

I started this business because I believe in the power of LEGO in Education and when I work with schools, I am looking to try and solve any problems that you have…with LEGO!

I aim to work in partnership with you, from planning and delivery of lessons to advising on purchasing and making use of the LEGO kit that you already have in your school.

One thing that I’m very keen on is making sure that any school that works with me has plenty of LEGO, so every time I see LEGO being given away for educational purposes, you’ll be the first to know and, where appropriate I’ll advise on how best to go about getting hold of it.

So far, since April 2021, I’ve managed to get LEGO worth this much into schools

Free LEGO for schools

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Schools I have worked with

Richard Challoner, New Malden

We are working with the Newman Centre at the school to develop a bespoke program of activities to assist children in developing and regulating social, emotional and communication skills.

Out Lady Immaculate, Tolworth

We are working with the school to deliver a program of LEGO Robotics lessons aligned to their Key Stage 2 curriculum, which includes cross-curricular links to IT and D&T while covering subjects from across the curriculum. Lessons are planned and delivered alongside the class teachers during the school day

Lime Tree Primary, Surbiton

Read about how Beyond Blocks brought LEGO Robotics to Lime Tree School in Surbiton, including acquiring funding for kits for ongoing lessons within the school, running after school clubs and more…read more

Newton Preparatory School, Battersea

We ran the after school LEGO Robotics club at the school from 2020-21

Hampton Court House, Hampton Court

We run a Beyond Blocks LEGO Robotics lunchtime club at the school

St John’s Primary, Kingston

We ran curriculum aligned LEGO Robotics Science days, including a day out to Kingston University Outreach centre