For Safer Internet Day The LEGO Group invited some parents to come in and see some experiences that children have with online games.

I was one of those parents.

After watching some videos, we sat down to talk through our experiences of parenting in the digital era with the LEGO Group’s Digital Child Safety Expert.

It was really enlightening to see the kinds of things that can go wrong in a networked world where children and parents can’t be sure who is on the other side of the screen.

I found it really interesting to hear how other parents deal with internet safety, but most importantly I came away with the sense that this is something that we need to talk openly about with other parents to find solutions that we can implement that work for us and our children.

So this Internet Safety Day, let’s make a point to talk to each other and to our children, not just about what can go wrong, but also what can be so great about going on the internet.

It’s not all bad, but only through really understanding how children interact with the internet can we hope to keep it a safe and fun place