In March 2024, Beyond Blocks team Reboot took part in the at the FIRST LEGO League regional competition in Epsom.

The children have been working on this year’s FIRST LEGO League Challenge since September 2023, the theme of which was called Masterpiece. As well as designing and building  a robot to solve a number of very complex puzzles, the children had to interview experts who work in the creative industries and come up with an innovation project which solves a problem in those industries and also explain how their robot solved the various problems set.
The team had to present their robot to a panel of judges, explaining why they made the design and strategic decisions that they made with regards to how the robot solved the problems set.
The team designed a customised box robot with slide on, lockable attachments, which allowed them to easily slip functions on and off throughout the rounds and as a result of all the work they put in, the team picked up the Robot Design trophy, which is an excellent achievement.


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