LEGO Mondrian – Composition With Red, Yellow, And Blue with surprise

LEGO Mondrian – Composition With Red, Yellow, And Blue with surprise


Create a modernist masterpiece with a “twist” using your LEGO. Original model by a Beyond Blocks student



Every holiday, I set a challenge for my club students to do over the break.

In the half term break of the final term of 2022 the students were asked to pick a work of art and recreate it from LEGO, then add some electronics and make it come alive.

All the entries for this challenge were so good and so intriguing that many students wanted to see for themselves how they were made and try and make them at home themselves. I decided to make this possible by creating the instructions for the models and agreed with the parents of the children that I would sell them on the site and give half the profits to the children so that they could profit from their inventions.

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This piece was made by W G, and the performance piece for the video submission is just brilliant. Recreating a timeless Modernist masterpiece by Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, which fits the LEGO geometry perfectly, this piece reimagines the painting with a contemporary security twist.

The original model by W G had solid black vertical lines that were thicker than the horizontal lines. I worked in some LEGO techniques when recreating the model digitally to make the vertical lines thinner to make it more true to the original artwork.


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