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Do you know someone who loves LEGO? Have you got lots of kit around the house, but you’re sure that your family aren’t getting the most out of them?

At Beyond Blocks, we’ve got years of experience getting the most out of LEGO and we want everyone to Play Well with the kit they have in their homes.

We can work with almost any kit you own to bring the most out of them, introducing you to different builds, techniques and challenges which allow you to push your LEGO to it’s limits.

[Calendar of events goes in here – Boost sessions, WeDo sessions, LEGO build sessions, delivered at different times by each of us.

Would like to be able to have filters so clients can filter by Age, LEGO kit type and time/day]

Our online team

To deliver a broad and deep offering at various times of the day, Beyond Blocks teams up with a number of the best LEGO teachers from around the world.

We regularly meet online to discuss and share plans to ensure that you get the very best experience.

Andy Hoang, Beyond Blocks

Andy works from Surbiton in the UK, where he runs Beyond Blocks, a specialist LEGO Robotics company. He specialises in delivering sessions using the LEGO WeDo 2.0, WeDo 1 and LEGO Boost.

Alison Fiske, The Brick Kit

Alison delivers her sessions from her home in Melbourne, where she runs The Brick Kit, delivering LEGO project-based enrichment programs to introduce the principles of Engineering, Technology, Mathematics and Science (STEM) using LEGO® Bricks.

Sarah Earis, Brilliant Bricks

Sarah works from Haslemere, Surrey where she runs Brilliant Bricks. Brilliant Bricks’ mission is to provide a place to play, experiment and create, to feel pride, a sense of achievement and have fun. Sarah specialises in running sessions with LEGO sets