From just £10 a month, you will get access to our online lessons, which include learning content and interactive, high quality building instructions to build a new model every week as well as access to our platform for sharing their creations with others building the same models around the world.

Currently this is available for the following sets:

  • LEGO WeDo 1
  • LEGO WeDo 2.0
  • LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Home edition 31313
  • Build your LEGO model with our building instructions

  • Program your LEGO model

  • Different model every week

  • Modify your model and share on our moderated platform

  • See the models built by others around the world!

  • No programming experience necessary

Get your LEGO instructions every week

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Do you own a LEGO Robotics set that you wish you could use more? Do you need some more ideas to improve your LEGO robots? Do you just want to build really great LEGO models?

Then our online camp is for you!

If you own a LEGO WeDo 1, LEGO WeDo 2.0 or LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kit, sign up for Beyond Blocks online camp, and you will get access to a new lesson every week, complete with high quality, interactive build instructions, example programming code and context.

We don’t stop at instructions. With our Robocamp, your child will be building their models at the same time as others from around the world and we make it easy to share their models through our moderated platform. Children are encouraged to modify their models and share them on our platform where they can inspire others with their creativity.

No experience of programming is required and anyone from age 7 upwards can take part.

From just £10 a month, your child will receive a new lesson every week, delivered online at their own pace, which includes learning materials and high quality interactive LEGO building and coding instructions and access to our moderated platform for sharing their creations

Your questions answered

Your purchase buys you one new lesson a week, which means you get 4 a month. Lessons will be released weekly on our online platform, so you don’t ever have access to more than one lesson at a time.

All the Robocamp sessions require a LEGO kit to take part. The kits contains some specialised pieces that you will need to make the LEGO models move and detect their environment.

We do have some pre-owned kits in our shop that you can buy if purchasing a subscription.

Depending on the kit that you are using, you will need a bluetooth enabled tablet or computer, with the ability to install apps, as you’ll need to install the appropriate LEGO app to create the code that controls your model.

To see the full system requirements, check the following links for the model that you are using

The platforms used for sharing give away no personal information and every submission is moderated personally by Andy, who will also provide feedback on as many submissions as he can

Currently we are only running lessons for WEdo 1, Wedo 2.0 and EV3 Home edition 31313 on our Beyond Blocks online camp. If you have a LEGO Spike Prime, or a LEGO Mindstorms NXT kit, we are not currently running sessions with these kits, but do check back later as we are planning to offer online camp sessions with these systems in future

Sorry, we don’t provide lessons for LEGO Boost and there are no plans in the pipeline to do so

Yup. Just download the instructions for free from our shop

If you want an instructor to help guide you through the online session, get in contact with me to arrange an online 1-1 session. Spaces for this are limited.

No. All the instructions are hosted on our unique interactive platform and change every week.

Got a question about our Easter Robocamp? Just drop me a message using the chat below and I’ll get back to you with an answer within 24 hours

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