Our intermediate classes

We currently offer 2 intermediate level classes, and these are designed to follow on from our 7-11 Introduction to LEGO Robotics classes.

The 2 intermediate sessions build up creative building, engineering and problem-solving and more complex programming methods as well as using more advanced LEGO pieces. Both sessions lead on to our advanced classes.

Let us explain the options below:

Boost Mini League

In these sessions, children build robots using the LEGO Boost set. The children are set specific tasks to solve and need to work out how to solve these by building a robot, without the use of instructions.

The aim of these sessions is to develop children’s problem solving skills and to introduce additional LEGO building and programming skills

Intermediate Builds

In these sessions, children build robots using the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 following instructions. The EV3 is a complex set, and we’ve designed some challenging builds to test even the most seasoned LEGO builders.

The aim of these sessions is to develop children’s building repertoire, introducing LEGO Technic models that showcase complex building methods and to see inside some programs that are more complicated than the children would have encountered before.

Intermediate LEGO robotics sessions for 9-13 year olds

Our intermediate level LEGO Robotics sessions are challenging sessions, and are designed for children with experience not just of building LEGO but also programming and problem-solving in LEGO Robotics.

If your child has attended at least one term of our Introduction to LEGO Robotics sessions, please ask your instructor if they feel that they are ready to proceed on to these sessions.

If your child is new to LEGO robotics, even if they have experience of building sets recommended for above their age bracket, please consider sending them initially for a trial of introductory LEGO Robotics first.

  • Age range 9-13

  • Build with LEGO bricks, Technic bricks and beams. Use multiple motors and complex sensors

  • Drag and Drop programming language

  • Program using variables, data arrays and cloud data

Weekly sessions around Kingston-upon-Thames

We run our classes in the areas below at the moment.

  • Surbiton

Trial sessions are available to book for new members before committing to the term.