Is your primary school looking for an innovative way to engage children with STEM subjects? Are you looking to inject some energy into your computing and D&T delivery? Then why not consider working with Beyond Blocks to get LEGO Robotics into your school.

Lime Tree Primary school in Surbiton have been working with Andy at Beyond Blocks since April 2021.

The school were looking for a way to ignite interest in programming across the whole of Key Stage 2 and called Beyond Blocks in to look at fitting LEGO Robotics into their curriculum.

Integrating LEGO Robotics in the curriculum

Working with the lead computing teacher, Andy gathered information on what topics were planned for each year group throughout the year and planned a range of LEGO lessons suitable for each topic so that each year group had a custom fit LEGO lesson each term. For every class in every year group in Key stage 2, a lesson was scheduled that complimented what was being studied in class, and the class teachers worked with Andy to deliver these.

With the lessons planned, teachers got in touch with Andy at the time they wanted lessons delivered and he came in to deliver the sessions alongside the teachers. Teachers were encouraged to ask questions along the way and feed in to the sessions and Andy made sure that they were as involved as possible in the delivery of the session.

Securing funding for LEGO to use in the school

After a term of working with Beyond Blocks, Andy connected Lime Tree school with a source of funding, and the school applied. Because the school had been working with Beyond Blocks and were able to show a clear commitment to STEM through LEGO Robotics, the school were awarded a substantial grant, worth more than the money paid for Beyond Blocks to come in for the year.

From this grant, the school now owns a number of LEGO Robotics and LEGO Engineering kits to use across Key Stages 1 and 2 and Beyond Blocks helps support the staff with learning to deliver these.

Embedding LEGO Robotics and STEM across the whole school

Lime Tree now runs regular LEGO Robotics sessions within the curriculum at both Key Stage 1 and Key stage 2, using the kits that they acquired on the advice of Beyond Blocks and ran their own First LEGO League exhibition in 2022.

In addition they were granted over £100 worth of LEGO for LEGO Therapy, through another recommendation from Beyond Blocks.

LEGO Robotics has made a lasting impact in the delivery of STEM activities across the school, with teachers and students taking a hands-on approach to programming and engineering from as early as Reception, using LEGO STEAM Park, Spike Essential and more.

LEGO Robotics has been a fantastic addition to all aspects of our curriculum, making links across multiple subjects. Every session has been engaging and exciting, with children participating enthusiastically and learning through play.

They have shown collaborative skills, overcoming challenges and improving their products through trial and error. We have seen their reasoning skills develop, as well as the use of relevant terminology in their conversations around the project, such as “aerodynamic” or “interactive” design.

Andy is great at getting the children interested from the first moment and runs the sessions in a fun and approachable way, ensuring that all students gain something from the process.

Mrs Hawker, Headmistress, Lime Tree Primary school, Surbiton

Ongoing support and clubs

Beyond Blocks continues to support Lime Tree school with regular updates on possible funding avenues for LEGO, news on local events and with CPD offerings.

In addition, Beyond Blocks runs the ongoing after school LEGO Robotics club at the school, which is a popular club for the children.

If your school is looking for a way to refresh your computing or D&T offering, why not give LEGO Robotics a try with Beyond Blocks. We’re here to support you all the way, from planning, through to delivery and ongoing support, we can help you make your LEGO Robotics programme a success!

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