Our standard sessions are designed to encourage children to work with other children to develop their teamworking and communication skills as well as their ability to solve engineering and programming problems with LEGO. As such, they are always paired with another child and there is the expectation that they will be able to work with other children, share and work through problems independently.

In the cases where children may struggle to work with others in the standard environment, we invite parents or carers to bring their children along to our parent and child sessions. These sessions were set up specifically to enable children who need additional support or suffer from anxiety to come along and have the support of a trusted adult while they build.

These sessions are designed to be non-competitive and staff give more support to solve problems than they would at our standard sessions. The Parent and child sessions are the only session that we allow adult carers to stay as having parents in the class at standard sessions doesn’t work for us or the children.

Our Parent and Child sessions run later than the standard sessions, starting at 6PM on Wednesdays fortnightly.