Muybridge, Lego and Robotics Workshop

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Inspired by Muybridge’s most famous work, Beyond Blocks will be hosting a robotics session where you get to build a LEGO horse for yourself, before attaching motors and learning some programming to make it move. Also, come and use our Zoetrope, an early precursor to animation that Eadward Muybridge made famous, and we’ve rebuilt using LEGO!

The session is for children aged from 7-11 and is designed to teach programming and engineering, while being a fun and light-hearted event. Children below the age of 7 will not be admitted to the session. The session will take around 90 minutes. Participants can turn up at any time as long as they have 90 minutes left to build before the end of the session.

Learners work in pairs with other children to complete their project.

All kit is provided and no programming experience is necessary.

The session will be led by me, Andy Hoang. I’ve taught LEGO Robotics in schools for over 7 years and run LEGO sessions in schools and for businesses. I can’t wait to see what you build!

Spaces are limited for this event. The last time this ran, it sold out very fast with a long waiting list, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Make sure to book your tickets at the Kingston Museum Eventbrite link (coming soon).

Please note, this is a repeat of the session that ran in November, so if you came in November, you may want to bear this in mind.

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