Easter Robotics Camp 2021 is here!

The Easter break is nearly here and that means only one thing…Easter Robocamp!

This year for the first time, we’re presenting our Beyond Blocks Robocamp online. Armed with your LEGO WeDo or Mindstorms kit, you’ll be building a new model every day from our instructions.

Make these models even better using your imagination and skills and combine with your own LEGO kit to make unique creations of your own then go online to share your builds with our other students in our private moderated student area.

Our Beyond Blocks Robocamps start from £15 for the whole holiday, depending on what LEGO robotics kit you are using.

To get you started, you also get a free introductory online session with Andy (usually £30) who will help build your first robotic LEGO model.

We also have a limited number of our Lego club kits available to rent if you live in or around Kingston-upon-Thames. For the Easter period, we’re offering our buyback scheme at a reduced cost, so that you effectively get the kit for £30 (WeDo 2.0. EV3 for £50) for the Easter period.

We’re really excited about this and can’t wait to see you on our Beyond Blocks Easter Robocamp!

Join Beyond Blocks Robocamp

1 – Get a kit

For health and safety reasons as well as convenience, we operate a buyback scheme, which is effectively a long term loan.

You purchase the kit for the duration of the holiday and we purchase it back off you (dependent on condition) at the end should you choose not to continue learning with us. For the Easter holiday, we have increased the amount we buy back for, which means that you get to borrow the kit for a cheaper price!

At this age group, the best kit for you is LEGO WeDo. We have a small number of LEGO WeDo 2.0 kits available for BB Easter Robocamp.

Although 7-11 is our recommended age group, you can use these kits with younger children at your own risk and we regularly use these with older children because these kits are just FUN

If you already own a LEGO WeDo 1 or 2.0 or a LEGO Mindstorms NXT of EV3, just skip this step and go straight to stage 2 to get access to BB Robocamp

2 – Get BB Robocamp

3 – Book personal sessions

Take your LEGO building to the next level with personal tuition from our tutors, who will take you through a series of challenges which you solve by building LEGO models