Advanced Robotics with EV3

LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 combines LEGO Technic building elements, powerful hardware and Python programming with project-based learning units focusing on engaging STEM topics. The EV3 Intelligent Brick, motors, and sensors let students analyze and apply real data, as they design and build advanced and diverse robotics inventions.

Join us on this course to create advanced robots with accurate sensors and precise movements to create some truly advanced robot creations.

Unplugged machines

Looking to get hands on with engineering and get your child away from the screen?

We’ve got you covered!

Our tech-free, unplugged machines sessions focus on paired building and problem solving without code.

Intermediate robotics

Ready to move on from WeDo? Take your robots to the next level with our Intermediate robotics course

Interested in seeing us launch one of these earlier? Let us know which course you’re interested in and we’ll let you know when it launches!

Beginning Robotics

Aimed at children from age 7 upwards, our introductory robotics course makes use of the excellent LEGO WeDo 2.0 kit.

Students build models which are brought to life using an intuitive block programming language.

As students progress, we bring in more complex challenges and get them to build models that solve more intricate problems

2 levels/10 sessions a level

  • Age range 7-11
  • Build with LEGO bricks, Technic bricks and beams
  • Elementary block programming
  • Scratch programming

Intermediate Robotics


Aimed at developing students building skills from standard LEGO bricks to building with Technic pieces and programming with more specific arguments, this course builds on the skills from Introduction to Robotics to make more advanced models.

2 levels/10 sessions a level

  • Age range 11-14
  • Build with LEGO bricks, Technic specialised beams, complex gears
  • Block programming with arguments
  • Scratch programming
  • Python Programming

Advanced Robotics


Aimed at the confident Lego Technic builder, this course aims to get students building advanced machines and precisely controlling them.

Students learn design and computational thinking methods and will plan projects lasting a number of sessions. Students can use a number of programming languages to control their creations

2 levels/10 sessions a level

  • Age range 14-110
  • Build with Technic specialised beams, complex gears
  • Block programming with multiple arguments
  • Program in numerous languages