This week we’re building Venus Fly Traps in class, both online and in person, so our chief instructors, Tarik and Andy have been doing a little research into Carnivorous plants and building their own Venus Fly Traps from LEGO.

We’ve still got a load of great models left to build this term. Don’t miss out, come and join us at Surbiton Hill Methodist Church every Wednesday from 4:00-5:00PM. To book your place, just pop over to our bookings page.

Not local? You can still take part in our lessons, if you have your own LEGO Wedo 2.0 by subscribing to our online Robocamp. You’ll get a weekly lesson, which includes context, instructions and code to build a new model from your set and you’ll be able to share it with everyone else taking our lessons. If you’re interested in getting a weekly Wedo lesson online, check out our Online Robocamp page.

If you want to make Tarik’s Venus Fly Trap, you can download the instructions from our shop for free.