Beyond Blocks want you to take your LEGO building to the next level and we work hard to inspire your creativity and including finding the best LEGO builds that exist and bringing them to your attention. Every week we build a different LEGO model and chat about the topics surrounding them.

This week, Andy and Tarık build models of the Mars Perseverance rover while testing each other on Mars and Solar System trivia.

The Perseverance was one of a number of projects that Earthlings sent to Mars that arrived in 2021. Andy and Tarik delve into the details of the different projects and try and outwit each other while simultaneously building their own versions of the Perseverance rover from different sets of LEGO.

Andy is building with a LEGO Technic 42031 Cherry Picker (Amazon – while Tarik is free building with random pieces from his LEGO bucket.

The WeDo 2.0 Mars Rover at the start was built from instructions by Not Just Bricks. Check out his great creations on Instagram at

If you want to build our versions of the Mars Rover, you can download them from this site at