In January 2024, Beyond Blocks FLL team The Brickosaurs competed at the Stevenage regional FLL tournament.

The children have been working on this year’s FIRST LEGO League Challenge since September 2023, the theme of which was called Masterpiece. As well as designing and building  a robot to solve a number of very complex puzzles, the children had to interview experts who work in the creative industries and come up with an innovation project which solves a problem in those industries.

The children decided to focus on the problem of theatre accessibility. Having heard experts tell them how expensive theatre productions are and how this was meant that young people were priced out of experiencing theatre, the children came up with a way to lower the costs and bring theatre to the masses in the form of a modified lorry, which they called the Big Lorry Theatre (or BLT for short)

The team considered many factors, including how to generate funding through sponsorship and advertising and even built a prototype and created a stop motion animation of a production, which really won the judges over.

As a result of all the work they put in, the team picked up the Innovation Project trophy, which is an excellent achievement.


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