This weekend I went to Birmingham for the Club Hub awards and came away with a new certificate to add to the collection!

We were finalists in the Family Business of the year category. This year has really seen us transition from “The Andy Show”™ to a family unit, where my wife Elena looks after a lot that goes on in the background. Even our daughter gets involved with marketing at shows, going around and telling people how great Beyond Blocks is!

The Club Hub awards, now in their 6th year, are quickly becoming one my favourite events of the year. The team do a great job of celebrating the wonderful people up and down the UK who provide a myriad of children’s activities, from dance and drama to zoo attractions and every time I go I’m amazed at how supportive we are of each other in the sector.

We’re thrilled to have picked up the Family Business award as family business is something that has been in my blood from a very young age.

As a child I worked in my mum’s pharmacy from the age of 8, stacking shelves and serving customers. Nobody can avoid getting ill so as a result, I met people from every strata of society and learned so much being there. I remember seeing my mum working hard and building the business up from nothing and she has always been my inspiration. So, to be able to run a business that my family can now be involved with and have my daughter see it start from zero and be up for awards is an amazing feeling!

Thanks so much to Tessa and Emma at Clubhub for the work you do supporting the sector.


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