Intermediate LEGO Robotics club sessions

Continue your LEGO Robotics journey with us. Beyond Blocks welcomes students from the age of 9 to come and improve their programming and problem-solving by building more advanced robots and solving more complex problems in teams.

To join these sessions, your child should have a good grasp of programming and problem solving, preferably gained from at least one year in our introductory sessions and be at least 9 years of age

Intermediate builds with LEGO Mindstorms

  • 90 minute session weekly
  • Build Mindstorms models from instructions
  • Learn and get inspired from existing ideas
  • Program in Scratch

Intermediate builds with LEGO Powered Up

£1950session (fortnightly)
  • 90 minute session once a fortnight
  • Build with LEGO Powered Up
  • Build to solve problems without instructions
  • Program in LEGO Powered Up or Scratch