Looking to get into the wonderful world of LEGO Robotics but not sure where to begin?

We have put together sessions at different levels that children can join whatever stage of learning they are at.

Take a look through the descriptions of our sessions and if you still need some assistance, just get in touch.


Our introductory LEGO Robotics courses introduce children to the concepts of programming, engineering and problem solving through building progressively more complex LEGO models.

Children work in pairs with the LEGO WeDo 2.0, initially coding with an intuitive block programming language, before advancing to using Scratch.

This is suitable for complete beginners, or anyone from the age of 7.


Our intermediate LEGO Robotics courses are for children who have mastered the basics of coding and are confident problem solvers and takes them to the next level. Our intermediate club sessions are suitable for children from the ages of 9-14 years.

At this stage, we offer 2 options, designed to get the children to explore either advanced build techniques or to creatively solve problems.

In Intermediate builds with LEGO Mindstorms, students build models using LEGO Mindstorms from instructions and program in Scratch. This allows them to see mechanical solutions and ideas that have been designed by others and gives them a solid grounding for developing their own models.

In Intermediate builds with LEGO Powered Up, students are set problems to solve and are given LEGO Powered Up electronics to try and solve the problems without instructions. This challenges them to come up with their own unique solutions given the experience and skills they have learned already.


Our advanced LEGO Robotics courses are for children who have mastered the art of coding and are confident problem solvers and teamworkers.

They are now ready to take on the very best LEGO robot engineers in the country and possibly the world on the LEGO Robotics competition circuit!

Our students train to solve complex multi-layered problems by building robots that can strategically locate and complete tasks. Building with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 or Spike Prime, the children need to bring everything they’ve learned and more to the table and will showcase their work at competitions held around the country for trophies and more.