Thanks for your interest in joining our FIRST LEGO League Explore team for the 2021 season. 

My name is Andy Hoang and I run Beyond Blocks. I’m really excited to be offering FIRST LEGO League Explore this year and can’t wait to see what our team creates together.

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This season the topic of FIRST LEGO League Explore is called Playmakers. May and Marco have great ideas for games and activities, wherever they go. Can you help them create new, fun ways for everyone to get moving?

The team should familiarise themselves with the challenge story on page 5 of the Engineering Notebook and research fun ways for everyone to get moving and active. They will need to detail their research In the Engineering Notebook and create a Team Poster to present at their Festival, which for our team takes place on the 3rd July, 2021.

In total FLL is designed to be delivered over 12 hours. To get the project done by July 3rd, we’ll run 6 morning sessions which run for 2 hours from 10:30-12:30.

The total cost covers all 6 sessions and the Festival, including all LEGO kit hire.

Session outlines

Session 1

Whole Team : Explore Challenge

Whole team : Introductions

May’s group and Marco’s group : Build Milo rover

Whole Team : Build prototype models of favourite activities

Share and clean up : Show builds and explain. Take apart builds

Session 2

Whole Team : Showcase FLL Explore

Whole team : Human knot

May’s group : Cooling fan

Marco’s group : Heart game

Share and clean up : Show builds and explain. Take apart Cooling fan build

Playground visit

Session 3

Whole Team : Treadmill

Whole team : Coach says – Following “code” instructions

Groups to work on understanding the logic of coding.  Team will be split into 3 groups to try and solve some tasks related to moving the treadmill and the heart flag.

Share and clean up : Show builds and explain. Take apart their Wedo builds and put the pieces back in the kit

Jamie : Using the Wedo app, consider what code you would solve the following tasks :


  1. How to you get the treadmill to turn for a fixed amount of time before stopping?
  2. How can you get the treadmill to turn at speeds representing walking/jogging/running?
  3. Is there a way you can stop the treadmill if the person falls off?

Heart flag

  1. How do you get the flag to raise up and stop at the top?
  2. How do you get it to raise up and then come back down?
  3. How can you get the flag to raise up then go back down twice?
  4. How do you get it to keep repeating this over and over again indefinitely?
  5. Can you work out a way to get it to go up and down twice before making a celebration sound?

Write up your code on the iPad and send a video via Flipgrid!

Session 4 – 10/6/21

Objectives :

  1. Pupils to start building their team playground from LEGO 
  2. Students to define team name and what teamwork is
  3. Students to learn how to work with sensors

Initial task : Collaboration and teamwork

Students will define teamwork, come up with a team name, then do collaboration activity with LEGO Wedo, building 2 Milo models

Students then decide on what part of the playground they’re going to build based on their ideas from the last session.

Students split into 3 pairs. 

Round robin stations :

Station A – Build your own unique idea for a playground activity

Station B – Work with Milo Motion Sensor activity

Station C – Work on Milo Tilt sensor activity

If finish B and C, return to Station A and improve the design with the team

Share and clean up : Show builds and explain. Take apart builds

Session 5 – 17/6/21

In today’s session, we’ll continue with our team build. So far though, we haven’t yet got a team name!

Whole team :  Think of a Team Name, and design some bunting flags

Pairs : Continue to build your playground activity. If you can, try and see where you can use the LEGO WeDo to make your model more exciting!

Whole Team : Work on Team model.

Bring the models together, and add to the shared baseplates.

  • The team model has to incorporate the Explore Model (The Heart flag)
  • Use the rest of the LEGO in the Explore Set to build a LEGO® Model, using all of the knowledge the team have learnt through researching the theme.
  • Program at least one element of the model to move using the WeDo 2.0 equipment.

Whole team : Discuss the Core Values

Judges will be looking for where we have used the FIRST Core values. These are :

  • Discovery
  • Inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Impact
  • Fun

See if you can answer these questions as a team

  • What new skills and ideas have you learned?
  • What problems have you solved? How did you solve them?
  • How could you use what you have learned to make the world a better place?
  • How do you show respect for everyone on your team?
  • How do you work together as a team?
  • What do you enjoy most about being on your team?

Remember to take lots of photos for our poster, which we’ll be putting together next week!

Share and clean up : Show and explain poster and playground

Session 6 – 30/6/21

The team has spent 6 weeks researching this challenge and now we have built a really exciting playground for May and Marco.

Whole Team :  Discuss the original challenge. Here’s a link to it. This week we need to make a poster ready to show the judges on the 3rd July. We can include some photos and some explanation about what we learned. The poster can be as big as you like and needs to be completed by the whole team together.

Remember, we need to present :

  1. The team poster
  2. The team model
  3. Core values

Whole team : Practice presenting our poster and model. Parents will be on hand to watch and feed back! We’ll be great!

Share and clean up : Leave all builds in place, ready to present on Saturday

Thursday 8th July – FIRST LEGO League Festival presentation

We’ve completed our project, now it’s time to present it to the judges at the FIRST LEGO League Festival and also to our local councillors, who are looking to build a new playground behind where we’ve been doing our project.

Now’s your time to shine!

Here’s all the info I have so far from the IET :

On the day of the Festival, every team will be given the opportunity to talk about their project to a pair of reviewers. Reviewers are adult volunteers who may be engineers, or experts in the STEM field, and will spend around 10-15 minutes speaking to your team. The reviewing session is very relaxed, and the objective is to make the children feel proud of what they have achieved and allow them to communicate what they have learnt. Make sure you have your LEGO Model build using the Explore Set and a team poster ready to show your reviewers on the day of the festival. For ideas of what to include in your poster, check out our top tips. Once each team has been reviewed we will be hosting a very exciting celebration ceremony!

On the day of the festival there will also be interactive activities for teams to take part in. If you have spare LEGO pieces and a laptop/ tablet or smart phone available, please have these to hand.

On the day, we’ll be meeting at the usual place and we’ll need to prepare the following to present to the judges (click each link to find out more) :

  1. Team poster
  2. Team model
  3. Core values

The reviewers are all engineers or scientists and this is your opportunity to communicate your ideas and show off your model and great programming.

In addition to the FLL Festival presentation, we also have the opportunity to affect our local environment by presenting our ideas to Andy Black, who will be working on the new playground next to Reuben and Isaac’s home.

Andy Black will not be able to attend the session on the day, but we will be recording a presentation of our poster and model for him and his team and hopefully will be be able to get his feedback too.

Who knows, we may see your ideas come to life for in our own back yard!

…And finally, with all the presentations and recordings done, it is time to pack away. We will be taking apart all the models that we’ve built and returning everything to their boxes.

Once everything is packed away, we’ll be receiving our awards, which include a certificate and a special LEGO medal.