Beyond Blocks is run by Andy Hoang, a dad, Physics teacher and lifelong Lego fan. I’ve always been interested in engineering, programming and robotics and have been teaching robotics lessons in schools using Lego since 2015.

As a father and in my work in schools, I came across a problem time and again. When given a box of Lego, children and adults will excitedly rip the box open, build the enclosed models, admire them and then…

Do something else.

I didn’t understand it. Growing up, I had a bucket of Lego and a few dog-eared instruction booklets, but I created EVERYTHING I could think of. Lego was the atomic structure and literal building blocks of my imaginary worlds. 

After speaking to lots of parents, I realised that I wasn’t the only parent who was spending way too much on Lego for myself my children and finding that it wasn’t going very far, and so I decided to set up Beyond Blocks to address the problem.

At Beyond Blocks, we want to see a world where there’s no limit to what you can create and we want to help you to move beyond the instruction manual. We provide classes to schools, businesses and individuals which aim to use Lego, Duplo, robots and just about anything else and provide our students with gentle reminders and training about how to put this stuff together to build their world in their way.

And we love seeing what you create.

Based in Surbiton, Andy teaches Lego robotics classes in the local area.

At Beyond Blocks, we think that all learning should feel that way and so we have designed sessions that bring people together through hands-on collaborative activities to creatively solve problems.

The core philosophy of Beyond Blocks is that any knowledge worth having is worth building, and the best way to do that is one block at a time.

The core aim of Beyond Blocks is to challenge people to build solutions to problems using Lego or any other materials.

We want to push people to go beyond instructions and to build without limits.

Come build with us…