We build Great People…

We run creative sessions and clubs using LEGO bricks to inspire people to learn Programming, Engineering and Design. With over 15 years education experience (and a lifetime of playing with LEGO), we aim to inspire people to create awesome things while learning along the way!

Build with us to get


Build with us to get


We run creative sessions and clubs using LEGO bricks to inspire people to learn Programming, Engineering and Design. With over 15 years education experience (and a lifetime of playing with LEGO), we aim to inspire people to create awesome things while learning along the way!

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Beyond Schools

We specialise in the delivery of creative LEGO activities in school settings, including in-class as enrichment to the curriculum and teacher training for LEGO Robotics in primary school settings

Beyond clubs

We run small group clubs at schools and in the community where students build and program LEGO models with a knowledgeable LEGO coach. All the LEGO and additional kit required are provided

Beyond Business

Looking to bring your team together or need help driving your business vision? We can assist by using LEGO Serious Play or put together a Robotics away day for your company

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My daughters (8 and 11) absolutely love these classes, they’ve attended weekly hour long sessions as well as longer ones during the holidays. Andy challenges them to think through and resolve their coding issues rather than step in and fix it – he keeps their brains working! Most work is done in pairs which helps them develop collaborative working.
Alison H, Club parent
My son and his school friends absolutely love their sessions at beyond blocks. It’s a very creative way to spend their afternoon. He implements lots of what he has done in class at home, creating elaborate projects that blow us away. I would highly recommend these sessions for anyone who loves being creative with Lego as well as of course the robotic aspect.
Melina S, Club parent
So much more than coding and lego.

We’ve been involved with Beyond Blocks for a few years now. At first I thought it was just a great opportunity to play with Lego and learn a bit of coding. But in actual fact, it’s principles of design, engineering, and now complex coding. My sons confidence has grown through it and it’s the highlight of his week. Andy and team are brilliant!

Nikki W, Club parent

Thanks you so much for this week Andy. Max’s introduction to coding, engineering and physics, as well as adult and peer communication was so positive and he left saying “I love Beyond Blocks – it’s brilliant!”

Claudia W, Holiday camp parent

Fantastic, engaging and high-quality sessions for year 3 and year 4. Andy was very enthusiastic and he quickly built a wonderful rapport with our children. The sessions that he delivered were fun and full of learning opportunities related to both the computing and wider curriculum.

Andy was keen to make sessions cross-curricular in order to supplement the children’s learning in other subjects. The children developed their teamworking, communication and problem solving skills and it was a joy to watch them achieve to their full potential.

Miss Emma Daly, Deputy Head, St Alban's Primary School, West Molesey

Beyond Blocks ran fantastic workshops in all of our KS2 classes – what a brilliant way to launch our STEM week! The children had an absolute blast and were engaged throughout.

There were so many learning opportunities, with different tasks for each phase. Andy’s such a nice bloke and was happy to work around our schedules. Would highly recommend!

Helen Rowlatt, Lethbridge Primary School, Swindon

Beyond Blocks are regular partners for the Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar, they are a huge hit with our visitors and are an amazing company to work with. Their creative and inspiring activities are brilliant and really get visitors engaged! Would 100% recommend Beyond Blocks for learning through building and coding!

Ellie Beaman, Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar
Enjoyable club with lots of learning thrown in.

My daughter loves this club and has learnt so much about coding from her weekly sessions with Andy. He’s such a good teacher, allowing the children space to develop their own ideas and learn from their mistakes. I love the fact that the children present their work to their parents/ carers at the end as well, as it gives us a chance to see what they have learnt.

Caroline D, Club parent

Beyond Blocks ran a session for our students who are struggling with their mental health and I must say Andy was outstanding with the students. He explained everything so clearly and carefully, got everyone involved and they all learnt so much and had lots of fun in the process

Katherine Greening, Anstee Bridge
My 7 year old son absolutely loved his first experience. We did the half-term session at the Lamb and really enjoyed everything about it. In his words ‘that was awesome mum, I want to do it again!’ And we will …. Thank you everyone at Beyond Blocks 🙂
Nazia A, Club parent
My son absolutely loves Beyond Blocks sessions, and gets so much from each one. Andy is brilliant at asking questions to stretch an enquiring mind the next step, whilst allowing the child to figure out a solution themself. Andy is so passionate about Lego and coding, and that inspires both the children and parents, and creates a fun creative and supportive environment.

He also supports me as a parent to keep my son’s development and enthusiasm going at home between sessions. e.g. when I had tech issues, he researched forums and sent a link to a solution.

Totally recommend Beyond Blocks ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Shakti M, Club parent
Andy is amazing. After a horrendous trip and subsequent stay at Kingston hospital my son met Andy when he visited the fun team with his lego sets. Andy gives up his time for the children of Kingston hospital and has such patience and is so inspirational and positive

Thank you Andy we hope to be able to join you for a summer course.

Yvonna R, Club parent
My son has been going to Andy’s classes for two years now and his lego building and coding skills have improved in such speed that I can no longer keep up ( or understand!)My son is somewhat of an introvert and not great with new people or surrounding but Andy has made him feel so supported and he leaves the classes happy and super inspired to build more. He even got to join lego league with Andy this year which was a life changing experience for him. He is developing skills that I feel his current school setting is not able to nurture and I am thrilled we found Beyond Blocks so he can develop and challenge himself in robotics, coding and engineering!
Mirja M, Club parent
I want to express my gratitude to Andy for his excellent work. My son is always happy to go to Andy’s class. My son really likes the creativity of the lessons and the positive friendly atmosphere in the class. Each lesson brings pleasure and my son loves lego more and more. Andy is a true professional, every lesson he prepares

interesting tasks for children, they even arranged races and all the children were fans of their lego designs

Marina A, Club parent
My boys loved Andy’s sessions. Andy was able to get them to look at Lego in a brand new way and opened up their eyes to the endless possibilities of coding with Lego.
very exciting.
Sara S, Club parent
Andy ran a fantastic robotics Lego session today for the children on the Paediatric ward at Kingston Hospital. Everybody absolutely loved it (including the parents and staff!) and Andy was engaging, funny, kind and just generally a star!!! We can’t wait for him to return. Would 100% recommend to anyone with a child who has a love of Lego! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Gaz B, Kingston Hospital
Lego and Lego Robotics with knowledgeable and enthusiastic leaders/teachers
Louise T, Club parent
My son LOVES Andy’s classes and we can’t wait for the next one!
Emma B, Club parent
Andy is amazing and so friendly. my kids loved their sessions with him. Teaching engineering with Lego!!
Vergi J, Club parent
My son absolutely loves his beyond blocks sessions.

Andy is fantastic with the children. His love for Lego and knowledge and know how make for a varied and inspiring programme of builds.
We have already signed up to the next block of sessions.

We’ve been waiting for a club like this and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

We would highly welcome to all regardless of ability.

To quote my son “Lego club is brilliant”

Gemma M, Club parent
Andy is a great, enthusiastic and patient teacher who loves Lego and loves teaching. He makes learning to code with Lego fun for his students and really cares for what his students are interested in. He is very clear in his explanations throughout his lessons. I highly recommend him and Beyond Blocks.
Lizzy L, Club parent
Andy visited children’s hospital during our stay with our son, he played and interacted with the children to cheer them up and put smiles on their face with the robotic lego. My son loved and enjoyed playing with the robotic lego so much so that he wanted to stay in the hospital longer. It made our stay in the hospital more bareable.
Katarina W, Club parent
My son attended a free session at Hook Library and immediately loved this next level Lego, combined with robotics. He now attends a weekly session at Surbiton Hill Methodist Church on Wednesday evenings. We have been so impressed with the builds each week but also the children’s engagement and learning in each session. My son is shy and usually dislikes starting new things but he loves these classes. When I asked him about what he thought of the class he said simply that “it was awesome!” 😎 Thank you Andy!
Katherine D, Club parent
Beyond Blocks is amazing. My kids are very exiting to be there every week.
Andy is very friendly with the kids and the parents.

Thank you Andy

Ina P, Club parent
Andy knows the ins and outs about Lego Education. His passion and drive to instill creativity in his students create a perfect learning environment.
Alexandre T, Bel Air Jiu-jitsu

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What is Beyond Blocks all about?

Beyond Blocks was set up by Andy Hoang with the initial aim of getting people to build awesome things from LEGO beyond what is illustrated on the box and by extension to stimulate everyone to think outside the box.

We aim to build great people using LEGO as our main tool. We do this through running sessions in schools, businesses and in the community.

We’re passionate LEGO fans, engineers, designers, teachers and nerds and we use LEGO to build solutions to problems because…it’s more FUN to solve things with LEGO!

Come and build with us and let’s go Beyond Blocks together.